Successful African American community is under investigation by Republicans.clipular.png


Affirmative-Action Laws are pulling thousands of African-Americans out of poverty and crime and allowing African-Americans to take degrees from HBCUS and turn them into 6 figure jobs in the DMV Area ( D.C., Maryland and Virgina). When a Black child has two parents who work for the US Government it improves his standard of living and changes his overall attitude and he becomes engaged with the academic and scholastic process because he sees an end game to working hard in school.

How can I articulate this so well? Well, both of my parents who are college educated were working class people and my father had a job working for the government of the USA.  As a child, though I grew up in a racist city there was a large government contractor where I lived at and all of my fathers’ friends were well spoken, well educated Black men and women and my friends and I were the same. We were all dark skinned Black children who could speak well, enjoyed each other’s companies and we dressed extremely well. We were from all over the world and had lived in different countries. The Whites in the school system ruthlessly abused us and tried to destroy us. Most of my friend’s families moved away from this city to either Jonesboro, GA or the DMV Area. I was forced to suffer and stick it out.

This article is sensitive to me because my childhood friend lives in Maryland, he played defensive back at Maryland University in the 2000s before settling down with a beautiful Black woman and landing a government job. Many African immigrants, Jamaican immigrants and African-Americans from the deep south move to the DMV because of political and economic instability caused by White institutions and racism. In the DMV you can earn an MBA from an HBCU and even a Ph.D. in business from an HBCU which would guarantee a job for the rest of your life.

One of the main reasons I get violently upset with this BLACK ON BLACK crime narrative is because it is a false one. I have continuously stated that Black people are not killing themselves. When you say Black people that not only includes gang members in Chicago, but that includes Black teachers, doctors, lawyers and ordinary working class people.  Rudi Giuliani, Bill Cosby, and  Steven A. Smith have stated this on national news. Over 90% of the Black population does not live in the city of Chicago so how can the behavior of those people be attributed to the entire Black population?

Now maybe you African peoples can fully understand why you should use my positions on this BLACK on BLACK Crime narrative because I grew up around White and I understand these people more than you can ever imagine. I’ve had White teachers knock my A average down to a B my ripping up my semester exam for giving a student a pencil before a test yet I see Black educators being sent to jail.

White people taught me a lesson as a child, that no matter how much you genuflect, compromise or try to please them when they want to see you has bad its nothing you can do about it but fight back. Many of you have never dealt with the Inbred Mutant Albinos as I have. I know the White race in an intimate way. I know their motives. These White government offical is targeting college educated, no children out of wedlock and no drug using Black people no differently than he does the BROTHERS AND SISTERS who are in the projects and are stuck in a life of crime.

Many Africans will say this makes no sense, why? I sit and grin with an arrogant look on my face because I know why. That Inbred Mutant Albinos knows what I know, if you strip the law abiding, college educating and Jesus loving negro of everything he has worked for he will be in the same place as the street smart “criminal” African. The only difference is the college educated Negro will probably not sell drugs but silent suffers in poverty because his years of training and educations have taken that inner-Lion out of him. The suburban living of the Black Government-Job having Black has made them imitation suburban Whites who no longer have the hustle and street smart its takes to make it in ever increasing White racist nations.

I have seen first hand an African American with a 700 GMAT score and a 4.13 GPA from a White institution be looked at as an Affirmative Action case at the University of Texas-Austin McComb school of Business when the Inbred Mutant Albino who sued the University could not hold this Africans jock strap when it comes to academia. Africans like me are the most dangerous because I see through the facade of Western educations and degrees and I know who my enemy is and I am at total war with that enemy.

3 Years Ago:

African-Americans are no different from Italian-Americans. We do not condone the behavior of these wanna be mobsters in our community who walk around calling themselves the “Don”, “Gotti” or “Capone”. These misguided African-America youth who try to imitate Sammy Gravano by killing other young African-American gangsters is unacceptable. But their actions are not the actions of 99.99% of African-American people. There are 44 million African-Americans, according to FBI stats, around 14,000 will commit a murder, that is less than 1% of African-American people. For, Rudy Giuliani, to project an image that African-American people are just killing each other each day for no reason at all is absurd. There are African-Americans teachers, police officers, nurses and street vendors. Similar, to the street vendor that was choked to death by a NYC Police Officer. These people are not killing other African-Americans.” by Amos Magazine

African-Americans who live in Detroit, Chicago and NYC inherited ghettos’ from Irish, Italian, Polish and Jewish immigrants. These African-Americans fled up North not to get away from Black violence but White violence. African-Americans lost generational land and wealth because of the vicious animal behavior of White Southerners who’s racial attacks were seen as lawful by the USA Government. Dred-Scott said a Black man as no rights that a White man is bound to respect. And when it comes to the cause of Michael Brown it seems to be true. That is the real story. The African-American community will not be put on trial because of the incompetence of a White police officer who was seen on tape trying to pick up his shell casings or an 70-year-old Italian-American hypocrite.” Amos Magazine

When it is all said in done, we have a criminal nation criminalizing all Africans because it as Dr. Amos N Wilson said it is a politicial necessitiy for ALL BLACKS to be seen as criminals and that is the issue we are being confront with as Africans the world over!