What really scared White folks about Colin Fergerson was that his self- hate mechanism broke down, instead of committing suicide or killing another Black man he went and attack the source of his frustrations ” –  Dr. Amos N.Wilson



        On the eve of Micah Johnson day, I think about the words spoken above by Dr. Amos N. Wilson and I also think about the courageous act of retaliation against the mercenaries called police officers in the United States of America.

Events become patterns and patterns become a way of life. As long as White people have illegitimate control over the life-sustaining institutions of Black people events like what happened in New York City will become more frequent and I believe they will grow in size of scope. I believe you will begin to see large numbers of Black men assault White institutions of power and I believe these attacks will become larger in scale and more deadly.

White men and Black men are incompatible foes and enemies and the only solutions outside of a deadly conflict are that the two groups separate into separate poles of power. Black men rid ourselves of the Mobutus, King Jr and other traitors negro types who do the bidding of Europeans. We need to continue to develop an anti-White African Centered ideology which will leave us with a 100% African controlled power authority.