Today, 1 year ago, a brave and bold lion stood up to a tyrant and took out 5 of its soldiers in combat. Today, I will celebrate and honor the life on Micah Johnson. We will never forget you brave sacrifice for our people. Malcolm X once said:” Student’s all over the world today are standing up for their rights and fighting for their rights, but here in America, the so-called Negro students have allowed themselves to be maneuvered under a tag of “sit-in”. The word sit itself is not an honorable tag, anybody can sit, and old woman can sit, a coward can sit, a baby can sit, anything can sit, but it takes a man to stand…. Rather than to force our way into someone else’s restaurant or public place that they have established, we should get our own. Once we have our own, we’re respected for the fact that we can create our own. That’s equality right there.

You see anyone can sit, KNEEL at a football game but it takes a MAN to stand up and pay the ultimate price for freedom which is death. We salute you Micah and we know your soul is in resting well.