Arguably the greatest boxer of all time is no in trouble with the I.R.S. and I for one am not happy to see it. Regardless, of much Floyd is a Negro in the truest form, I hate to see Black men mismanaged enormous amounts of money. Floyd like most Black males in the United States of America has fallen in love with social integration and behaves in a very irresponsible manner.

No, another man should not pocket watch or tell another man how to spend his money. I know many misguided Negroes will mention, Jay Leno has an extension car collection and all of these other tired platitudes that Blacks who seek European trinkets but I am simply stating this as another perspective.

African men on Floyd’s level should seek out and hire two African-American women accountants. African-American women are some of the best accountants I know. I mean I know a sister who went to Texas Southern University and got her undergraduate degree in accounting in 2 and half years. Anyone who has attended business school understands how hard that is to do. This possessed young Black woman took the maximum 21 to 22 hours per semester and took 12 to 16 hours during summer school. This young woman did not pledge a sorority, did not party she played ZERO games. She was properly raised and understood she was at war. This young woman finished her CPA Masters education by the time she was 22 and sat up her own small accounting and tax firm.

I know another young Black woman who is now getting her degree in forensics accounting. Once I attain hundreds of millions of dollars they will be my partners in my Pan-African business firms. This is the mentality that Floyd Mayweather lacks. He should have two honorable African-American women has his accountants one to handle his taxes and another to track where his money is. He should then have hired African-American young men who are sharp and of honorable character and sent them to law school on his tab to learn mergers and acquisitions and instead of wasting his money on cars, overpriced real estate he could have been about the business of buying existent businesses and developing new ones. Floyd should have flipped his boxing money 20x over but he has the mentality of a prepubescent child.

African peoples biggest problem is a lack of organizations and our prepubescent mentality.  I swear I wouldn’t drive higher than a Lexus ES 350 as a sedan and for an SUV for my family maybe some kind of Infinity Truck other than that my money would have be working. Black men like Floyd behave like women, they want flashy shiny shit for no other reason than to impress other men and women that are a waste of time. I wish I could have spoken to Floyd and gave him my advice of what he should do.

African Liberations could be attained with 30 years, we have the skilled people we just don’t have the ideology (ACBN) or the organization set up properly. I know what I will do in the future. White people are smart to never have given me the type of easy money Floyd gets to run around a boxing ring beating the shit out of people. Floyd should be a billionaire 20x over but how the Western System is up, they will give you want you want and you will still be under their control. Floyd doesnt have a proper education and lacks the intelligent to send some young Brother or Sister to school to attain the knowledge he needs and then he could employ them and improve his great ot in life.

Why won’t Africans do this? Culture, we have not created the appropiate culture. We are caught up in POP CULTURE. I see the Brilliance in the Versace Family, they make beautify clothes and furninture but could we not make our own furinture as African men? I mean come on Floyd, stop acting like a woman get yourself some descent looking suits, some casual clothes stop dressing like a 22 year White female and get serious about being a man, you are only 40 years and could do things outside the ring that are 20x bigger. Don’t blow this last big payday on Private Planes, Yatches and European Desginer Clothes. What does Floyd Mayweather manufacture? A 40 year old millionaire who doesn’t even make a safety pin is a pathetic at best. We got to do better.