I have seen a ton of racist anti-Black slurs thrown at Michael Vick over his comments about Colin Kaepernick. Michael Vick is being called a Coon and Nigger by Black men because he said Colin Kaepernick is not in the NFL because of his play and the reality is it’s true.

Michael Vick was born Black and will die, Black. Michael Vick is not the stereotypical African-American athlete though he is from the hood. Michael Vick earned good grades in high school and scored high enough on the ACT that he could attend either Georgia Tech, Virgina Tech or Syracuse. Michael Vick has never chased White women nor did he ever procreate with a non-Black woman.


At the height of Michael Vicks career, the main woman on his arm was his current wife a graduate of HBCU Hampton University. At the height of Michael Vick’s success, he was a proud Black man who did school drives and holiday drives for Black children in Atlanta and Newport News, Virgina. Not to be seen by the White media as a rebel but simply because it’s was his duty as a Black man to give to his people.


Vicks charity work was always with Black children. He was never parading around with some Arab or White female to be seen by the Democratic Party. He was a guy who would go to inner city malls to sign shirts and autographs and to motivate the youth. He invested in Black businesses even though many Negroes ripped him off. Michael Vick did not become “Black Conscious” after his NFL career was in trouble.


Vick did not cut his braids and actually care what White America thought about him until after got indicted for dogfighting and of course Vick is playing up to White America to feed his family. A black family. The Vick family live in a racially hostile nation towards African people. Michael Vick has a Black son and Black daughters that don’t have pale skin or White family will help them out of they are seen as too outspoken.



You see Colin Kaepernick’s family are middle-class White people from the suburbs. They didn’t have to make it to the NFL to pull up several generations of their family out of the gutter as Michael Vick did. Colin Kaepernick has the privilege to play a Black man without having to live the Black experience. Nobody in his family will be gunned down by the police. His mother and his White brothers live a nice life in Colorado, his brothers and sisters also live a lily White live in California. His Arab wife will not go through the type of racism the Vick girls will in their lives.

Colin Kaepernick who has family members in law enforcement simply thought he could influence Black men to put their guns down and kneel before White power instead of fighting. Colin Kaepernick wants Black men to put their guns down and protest and if it could have got him released at the same time from the 49ers was just a bonus.


When Michael Vick looks at Colin Kaepernick he sees a spoiled middle-class White boy who is only acting out because for the first time in his life he had to fight for a football position. Michael Vick deep down insides think to himself, this White boy should be ashamed of himself, my wife, my kids have to go through racial profiling and racism he and his wife will never know it. To any real Black man, a non-Black person acting rebellious to get released from a football is an insult to those of us who are in danger daily living around people like Colin Kaernpicks family.


Black men who love hip-hop, calling people coons and niggas are the types of Black men who will praise the guy in the above photo over the ones below and those are the type of Black people who when they call Vick are coon and nigga are simply projecting their actually attributes.