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“It is a political necessity for Black people to be out of their minds” – Dr. Amos N Wilson

The primary goal in International Politics is the destabilization of one’s enemies. When you destabilize a government you ultimately destabilize the institutions of that society and you if you destabilize the institutions of that society, you destabilization individuals. What happens politically in the broad culture represents itself as psychopathology in the individual.

So a destabilization of African communities and nations ultimately leads to a destabilization of African individuals. The maintenance of European power is dependent upon African people being caught up with foreign and alien ideologies such as Liberalism, Conservatism, and LGBTQ.

Things that have happened to African’s has not happened because we are cursed, have big lips or dark skin but because of the madness of European mental illness and madness. Denaturing of African people is a bogus acceptance of who we are.

The constant of Whites of having a monopoly of:

  1. Definition
  2. Domain of Discourse
  3. Economics
  4. Language
  5. Culture
  6. Violence

These constants will not change as long as Africans identify themselves with White nationalities, White flags, and White religions. The only way the Europeans are able to dominate us is through deception and violence. European deception is one of the greatest obstacles that we have to overcome.

The projection and creation of the Africans from the European mind create a self-full filling prophecy. The Europeans are proclaiming Africans as a minority even though by 2050 Africans will represent 4 out of every 10 people. The European clearly sees this as a threat to their omnipresence in the world and as they have done with the Native Americans, Native Australis they seek to now colonize the image of the African.

Europeans have done psychological experiments in which they are able to make people see things that are not actually there. It is proven theory that two people can manipulate people to the extent they will not even believe their own eyes. This is done to maintain Europeans control of definition and domain of discourse.

Europeans and their allies will not give African people the definitions that will fix our condition. We as African people must create and define the world in a way that empowers, emboldens and ultimately overthrows  White power in the world.