10:30 – end….lack of Black males stepping up to the plate.

The worst part about these facts is that instead of African people collectivizing to counteract these barriers by creating group-owned corporations, Africans will instead try to be the “only negro” in the white man’s system. This is especially true in Africa, but elsewhere also. One negro will devote his whole life to the task of meeting a white person and try against all odds to be a part of their organization in the hopes of benefiting individually instead of using group power to overturn and negate these barriers. OR, as you showed in the picture, a negro will try to create a mixed-race person and live vicariously through them while the mulatto’s white family members help him or her to enter the business world. Then other Black people will say, “See, ONE of us made it, so the white man is not racist!”
I tried to get a couple of male family members of mine to go in on this business with me a few years ago, but they were unresponsive. However, since then, they have entered into relationships with non-Black women. So now, I wouldn’t dare bring business ideas to them because I know the non-Black women will be the ultimate beneficiaries.