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There is a new billion dollar real estate project that will come to the city of Tampa. A city which gets much of its tax base from the African-American community. This project will get tax free funds from African-Americans while raising taxes on poorer African-Americans which will seek to exclude them or force them to pay a very large price for integration.

These are the kinds of projects I dreamed of doing when I was in University. I tried to minor in real estate only to be told I could not because I was a business major even though there was a White female in my major who was allowed to minor in real estate.


The real estate pros in charge of Tampa's $3 billion makeover are younger than you think - Tampa Bay Times.clipular.png

The principles behind this project are Bill Gates and the owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning. The people who will run and manage the operations and get a lovely salary in doing so will be young White men and women with a median age of 34. White Nationalism is a lovely thing I have got to experience and watch and sit and think to myself how great it would be for a Black billionaire to fund projects where young Africans can work to develop buildings that will lead to the development of commerce and community for African people.

I long for the day in which African Nationalist can write in Amos Magazine stories of our development projects and highlight a group of young Africans who are working together to being productive people. African people the world over are robbed of these kinds of experiences and this leads to great self-hatred and traitorous behavior because they seek to join the industrious Whites.

The biggest hurdle for me is no matter if I live in America or the Africa that lack of racial consciousness and the desire of African people to do such projects. And even if the desire is there the lack of billion dollar capital to achieve such feats. I do have a plan to try and set up similar projects for Africans around the world but it will take some time.

One day, we will have projects like this all around the world in which an African Real Estate firm will develop areas for entertainment, business, and commerce. African people, we have the collective skills right now to pull off such projects we just need to organize ourselves and come together under a solid ideology and we can begin to pull up large collectives of African people which exclude non-Africans but sells and markets to everyone to consume.

The African Nation I develop will be a production and creation oriented nation and not a consumer and job seeker nation. We need to make our mark all over the world and develop and build thus showing African children that being pro-African and anti-White has its benefits.