1.) Imhotep


The first documented multi-genius in the world and laid the foundations to the modern sciences.

2.) Thomas Sankara


The greatest modern African Head of State who made no excuses and delivered and served his people. While his fellow country men would ride Renaults to work he would drive his 15-speed bicycle.

Books: Thomas Sankara Speaks

3.) Sonni Ali


The father of African Islam which respected indigenous African religions and was tolerate and got along with other Africans. He built and expanded African learning centers. He was a great business man and international trade.

4.) Mansa Musa


The greatest Black African business man to ever live, he dominated international trade and was a true West African King/God.

5.) Carlos Crooks


He is the first African person to distinguish the need for African genetics to be the basis of AfricanUnity.


6.) Marcus Garvey


The creator of the RBG flag and Black Power Pan-Africanism.

7.) Julius Nyerere


The first African head of state to recognize that the Black man must go at it alone and reclaim his manhood.

8.) Dr. Bobby E. Wright

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He created the term Mentacide and is the first African scientist to recognize that biological existence of African people was threatened by the White race.

9.) Dr. Amos N. Wilson


The first African to state the purpose of African-centered education is the overthrow of White power and global hegemony.

10.) Dr. Chinweizu


The first African to reject the Afro-Arab unity scheme and to clearly analyze the failures of Nelson Mandela, Nigeria, and Kwame Nkrumah.