There are many misguided Black people who identify with White losers because they don’t understand racism and choose not to correctly identify the truly weakened position of African people. All Africans live under European Hegemony and Domination. There is not a single group of Black people who are truly free, self-defining and liberate from the influenced from the  control of White nations.

Within the Global White Hegemonic structure, there are people needed to maintain the White man’s Global Domination of the World. This is not a new phenomenon, even if you read your bible, Pharoah allows for Johnathan to oversee his kingdom because he was more skilled than Egpytians available. There were non-Greeks who were allowed to rise up in Alexanders Army due to their skills. When Romans enslaved non-Romans you had slave lawyers, doctors, and generals who had a higher function under Roma Hegemony that a derelict Roman.

Many non-Whites make the argument that race does not exist or that Africans should not focus on racism and overthrow White power because there are derelict Whites is asinine and based on the assumption that Blacks are inferior. The reality is that many if not most Blacks are superior to even above average Whites at many tasks and functions needed to maintain Global White Hegemony.

Example 1: Condoleeza Rice vs. Hillary Clinton


Now, let’s remove our emotions and analyze both women not upon their race but upon their actual knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you had to hire one for Secretary of State whom would you hire? Based upon the raw data. This is how I would break them down.

Languages Spoken: Rice is fluent in Russia and English, Clinton can only speak English.

Why is Rice speaking fluent Russia so important? Because diplomatic relations with Russia could be the difference between World War III and peace. A misunderstanding such as Hillary Clinton giving the Russians a button incorrectly translated is not only a gaffe but shows incompetence and could set off a war if the Russians are offended or threatened.

Clinton ‘reset button’ gift to Russian FM gets lost in translation – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs.clipular.png

Education: Rice B.S. with honors, M.S., and Ph.D. vs Clinton. B.S. and J.D.

Once again, I have to give the edge to Rice. Rice educational background is superior to that of Clinton. By the time Condoleeza Rice was 26 she had a Ph.D. in Political Science while Hillary Clinton was a White female in Law School. My view of Clinton, she was the typical middle-class White female who was simply going through the motions and that Condoleeza Rice was a real brain who can critically think and express herself far superior to that of Clinton.

Thesis: Rice: 1981, ”  The politics of client command: party – military relations in Czechoslovakia vs. Clintons “There Is Only the Fight . . . : An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.

Clintons, thesis was nothing more than radical left-wing nonsense. White women are very rebellious and experimental during their college years. They experiment with sex, drugs, and ideologies and Hiterlary Clinton was no different. Condoleeza Rice thesis was an analytical analysis about of military power and how history can be used as a propaganda force to gain power.  Clintons’s simply wanted to be a bureaucrat and Rice wanted to do real work that would lead to political change and she did.

There are many Black people who are in fact better Europeans than Europeans are. They are more intelligent, more skilled and thus more useful in maintaining the Racist Global European System of Domination.

There are White people who have limited intelligence, poor morals and are incompetent with the most mundane task, these people are in essence losers. They are different than competent Black people who are discriminated against and in many cases blocked from opportunity in spite of their brilliance solely because of White racism towards Blacks.

Many poor Blacks have college educations, Ph.d.s, and master degrees but are unemployed, underemployed or working beneath their actual KSA’s. The real reason you see articles saying the college degree is worthless is that there are too many African people attaining University degrees. The American system is ok with a Condoleeza Rice as an individual the one thing that no White person wants to see is a collective group of Condoleeza Rice seeking power in the United States of America.

A White drug addict believes he is the same as a well educated and skilled Black. But the White drug addict sees a well educated White man as his superior. The reality is the Blacks in the USA should all be living on the same standard of upper-middle class to 1% White. If the United States of American had a merit system based upon Equity then the African-Americans median income, wealth should be superior to that of the ordinary European-American.

90% of African-Americans are direct descendants of the people who were slaves of the White 1%. 90% of African-Americans were in the United States before 65% of White Americans.  If the United States was fair and just they would be about restoring 90% of African-Americans to the same standard of the White families they enriched through slavery and their military service but what White Liberals have done is, they have distorted African-American history so that African-Americans don’t realize this. African-Americans are actually political supporting a group of European people who were brought in the USA and came in the USA to replace African-Americans in the Economic Order.

The Whites state that Reparations to African-Americans for slavery, jim crow and years of deliberate discriminate will be divisive but in the same breath they claim that Africans in the Americas are Americans. They also state White people selling other White people in slavery in Europe should be addressed before the USA Government pays its debt to African-Americans?

The White people who are descendants of the Whites who supplanted Black Farmers, Black construction workers, benefitted from red lining and red taping of African-American communities are in full support of the 1% maintaining their stolen wealth from African-Americans. When it comes to them improving their positions in the European Social Order, they will talk about not focusing on RACE and to support some White or Biracial Canadiate but when it comes to redistribution based upon actual service they are in full Racial solidarity with the White 1%. This is the contradiction which maintains racial problems.

In the European system, I know I am better than 90% of Whites. I know I am a better student, better athlete and more intelligent than the average White. The reason I am 100% opposed to the system even though I could live comfortably as their lackey is based upon honor and justice. Why would I serve a group of people who would use my brains and ability to ultimately destroy my race, and if they destroy my race eventually in spite of my genius will ultimately destroy me. The Native Americans who helped and taught the Europeans were not rewarded for being genius eventually the trained Whites and replace them just like they replace their African slaves. This is the thing Condoleeza Rice in spite of her genius fails to recognize. Or she recognizes it but lacks faith in African people and has decided to serve Europeans.

The argument non-White and Black Liberals make against Pro-Blacks and Black Nationalist is one rooted in deliberate distortions of reality and facts. One of the basic foundations of White Racism and Hegemony is utilitarianism. The White culture believes in the basics of UTILITY. They will sacrifice 30% of the White race to maintain 70% dominate and rule of the White Elite and Middle Class to justify their domination of 100% of Blacks. This is taught Business schools.

Dr. Amos N. Wilson spoke about when he was at University studying Skinner, that it donned upon him that Africans were the rats in the Skinner box. He got this theory from Dr. Bobby E. Wright. Dr. Wright who had a Ph.d. in Psychology from The University of Chicago and he begin understand Skinnerian Psychology and that the ultimate goal of Whites is the elimination of the Black race.

I begin to understand this in a model in Business Ethnics class. I remember one of my African-American friends in University asked me, had I taken Business Ethnics yet, I told him no, he said that will be one of the most racist classes you will ever take. He said he wanted to have a discussion with me at the end of the semester. I remember learning about Jeremy Bentham, James Mill, and John Stuart Mill. What my Professors and these European philosophers were inferring to was racist but you would have to truly have the great reading comprehension to understand it.

I remember the first test we took in this class, My professors told us we were going to have a test that was worth 1/3 of our grade and this test would probably reduce the class in half. We were told to reach Chapter 1. Which was about Utilitarianism. So, we all sit down, and he said now the test will begin. He had a projector upon his grading book and he started in front of the class, You have 10 people drowning, You can save 7, let 3 drown or you can try to save all of them and everyone dies. The first person was a female she said I would try to save everyone, he put a 0 for her grade and asked the next person, They said to try to save everyone, 0. He gets to the third person and he say’s save 7 people and gets 100. The two White females begin to grumble, they said excuse me, he said no talking during the test.

At the end of the test, the White girls asked, are you serious are we going to get 0’s he said yes. You can drop this course or try to improve your grade but I told you the test would be Pass or Fail and no do overs. He said this is business school and as business leaders, you will have to make real decisions that are based on life and death and that the world is not ruled by moral persuasion. They, of course, dropped the class and we never saw them again.

The Negro now reads this and say well what in the hell does that have to do with me? Good question. What does Utilitarianism have to do with you? Everything. Now let’s look at two African populations and the impacts of Utility in White rule.

Example 2: Africans in South Africa and Apartheid vs. Africans in the United States and Jim Crow

After, the election of Mandela one of the main tactics that White’s used to maintaining their illegitimate possession of African property was Affirmative Action laws. These laws replaced White administrators of a Racist White System with Black Africans administrators thus maintaining Neo-Colonial control over South Africa. Black Administrators and White Power. One of the direct results of this was the creation of POOR WHITES in South Africa. Whites who lost their administrator jobs in South Africa became dirt poor.

(1) poor white south africans - YouTube.clipular.png

Now, one of the Arguments used against reparations and Black Nationalism is that there are poor Whites in South Africa and the United States. How do I view these poor White people? These are the White people who profited and benefited from the enslavement and destruction of my race. These people when they had their government jobs would call Black people lazy and losers or as Hillary Clinton said ” Professional Failures” . These are the Whites who left Europe to join White people to exploitating Black people, but since they lack the drive and intelligence to create Business they took administraive jobs to help maintain White hegemony and once the Blacks threatened to overthrow the White Elites sacarficed their White pawns.

what is good for the greatst number of people - Google Search.clipular.png

There is a direct and undeniable relationship to Affirmative Action in South Africa to the rise of Whites living in poverty. These Whites claim it was “RACISM” is why they lost their “JOBS EXPLOITING BLACKS”.

Jim Crow and Affirmative Actions in the United States of America had the same effect on White poverty rates. African-Americans would cut into the White monopoly on White contracts and White jobs. I remember visiting Florida State University and this one European who was a big Seminole fan told me that his father was a good man who had a contract with the City of Tallahasse and he employed Blacks and once the Civil Rights Act went into effect a Black man that worked for him “stole” his father contract. I remember chuckling to myself, because I felt that African-Americans should have had the contract to begin with.

It goes back to the test I was taught in Business Ethnics, the European mentality, 70% is majority rule, if we have to risk 10% to 30% of our population to maintain White hegemony and thus empower 10% of Blacks to be administrators. Do poor Whites blame White racism, White policies or themselves? No. They blame Affirmative Actins and Black people for them not benefitting from Racism.

Poor White people are just as racist as Middle class and rich Whites, its just that they can’t practice Racism because in order for Whites to maintain White racist rule they have been sacraficed. All White people are racist, its just that some can’t practice racism because they are failures and losers. I see no commonality between them and the Afrian struggle and nor should any intelligent African. Let these “racially superior” White men pull themselves by their bootstraps and not off the backs of Black people.