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This Flag Was Founded August 5. 2017 to represent the children of the union of Black men and Black women. This flag represents heterosexual Black people regardless of where they were born as long as they are clear descendants of Africans from time in memorial. This flag is not for Black Homosexuals, Blacks in interracial unions, Blacks loyal to European Nations, AAPF does not believe in the term biracial-African or being born in Africa makes you African. AAPF is not for people who have black in them. We don’t respect the Hebrew, Spanish or Portuguese languages. We don’t believe God created World Leaders or Powers of this world. We believe God gives everyone a right to rise up and create what they wish. The foundation of this Black Nationalism will not include “good” Whites, Whites friendly to the cause or any other non-Blacks. We believe in the union of highly functional educated Black men and women who seek power and to overthrow our enemies regardless of race. The Foundation of African Centeredness is the bond between Black women and Black men which create the Black Nation. The Holy Union is the Black man, Black woman, and Black child, anytime that union is broken the destruction of Black people begins!