A White woman’s who enjoys a lifestyle of privilege off the backs of a Black Nation in Africa is accused of Racism. I am not shocked by this.



His father was once President of Botswana and produced several children with some White woman who took a place that should have gone to a Black woman in Africa.


Her brother law who is the current President of Botswana is also famous for making racist comments about Black women in Botswana. By saying he didn’t want an ugly African woman and wanted a tall and slim woman who resembles his European mother.

People are born racist and anti-Black because racism is in the DNA of White people. The White race has a new scheme to maintain their racist rule over African people until we overthrow all offspring of Europeans and collaborators. I now see why “Prince” Harry continues to go to Botswana the United Kingdom is now colonization throw interracial marriage and promotions of the one drop rule.