I am going to explain why Shannon Sharpe is a fraud and the real sell out and expose the stupidity and ignorance of the Colin Kaepernick’s cowardly followers. I am not a casual football fan. I have an extensive football IQ and I have played the game at a high level. I am going to write out in detail why Shannon Sharpe is a hypocrite and so are Colin Kaepernick supporters for “calling out” Ray Lewis and Michael Vick instead of Shannon Sharpe. I will put my personal feelings about Colin Kaepernick aside and judge him from a strict football perspective.


Shannon Sharpe is the greatest Denver Bronco tight end of all time and he is a major reason that NFL legend John Elway is a two-time Super Bowl Champion though he went 2-3 losing his first 3 before the rise of Shannon Sharpe and Terrell Davis. Sharpe often fondly talks about “John” on his TV Show with Skip Bayless. Shannon Sharpe never got in trouble off the field and according to him remains good friends with Elway and the Family which owns the Broncos.

Many casual football fans and Kaepernick supporters might not know this but John Elway himself stood up to the NFL Owners when he was a young man. Elway’s father told him not to sign with the Baltimore Colts which had been a terrible organization for years and would surely ruin his career. Elway who was a two sports star athlete at Stanford University had options. He was a high draft pick of the New York Yankees and told the Colts if they drafted him he would not sign and simply go play professional baseball. This is a tactic Bo Jackson used not to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of principle.


NFL players belong to a special fraternity that only a select few football players ever get to join. Colin Kaepernick, Shannon Sharpe, and John Elway belong to that fraternity. If anyone can sort of relate to Kaepernick not wanting to be a 49er anymore because of poor management, there is no one better than John Elway. Elway who when he was in his 20s refuse to play for the Colts as Kaepernick no longer wanted to be a 49er after they got rid of his coach and many of the great players who made the 49ers great retired or got traded away. Elway is from the West Coast, he went to Liberal Stanford Univerity and is probably is a moderate Republican, more so than a deep South Conservative.


Now when I was a child the ultimate litmus of a quarterback was can he win on the road in the playoffs. Colin Kaepernick has a winning record in the playoffs vs. 3 NFL MVPs winning 3 games on the road. Colin Kaepernick beat Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Matt Ryan in the NFL Playoffs on the road. With a resume like this, Colin Kaepernick should be a starting Quarterback in the NFL. His ability is a starter, he is not a backup QB. When he is surrounded by the right personnel he is one of the most exciting and dangerous QBs the NFL has ever seen, this kid can take over a game when the pressure is on the most with the right team around him.


When I look around the NFL and when I look at Colin Kaepernick skill set the team that makes the most sense for a person of his ability and a team that needs him desperately is the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos missed the playoffs with a 9-7 record one year after winning the Super Bowl.  Kaepernick would easily turn them into the favorites to win the AFC West and the Super Bowl he is that good. The Broncos have a top 5 Defense in the NFL similar to what he had in his dominant years in San Francisco and the Broncos currently had more offensive weapons than Kaepernick ever had in San Francisco with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

The Broncos do not have a starting QB, Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian and Chad Kelly are backups at best. The defense and running game carried them to 9 wins with Kaepernick whom is a dual threat QB with a strong arm this would open up the field more for not only the passing game but the Broncos vaunted zone blocking scheme.

I saw Shannon Sharpe put the full court press on Ravens legend Ray Lewis about Kaepernick not signing to the Ravens. I have heard Shannon Sharpe talk about several NFL QB situations but the one GM, Owner and Franchise, Mr. Pro Black has left out, is his Denver Broncos. Why hasn’t Shannon Sharpe blasted General Manager John Elway or the Denver Broncos who DESPERATELY need Colin Kaepernick if they want to return to the Super Bowl? Shannon Sharpe has a public forum, he still is popular among African-American players in that Broncos locker room like Aqib Talib who is the emotional leader and inner city African-American.  I am sure if Shannon Sharpe reached out to the Broncos and their players they would make stand for Kaepernick and Elway would sign him.

denver broncos 2016 record - Google Search.clipular.png

The Broncos had the best defense in the AFC West only surrendering 297 points but their offense struggled with two worthless QBs. Shannon Sharpe has the profile and record to stand up for Kaepernick and force the Broncos to give Kaepernick a job but he is not doing that. He has not called out John Elway or brought up the fact that Elway himself protested being drafted by the Colts which would make his 89% Black team look at him as a hypocrite and would force him to pull the trigger of Colin Kaepernick.


You see Shannon Sharpe is not going to damage his relationship with John Elway or the Denver Broncos but he does have a soft-spot for Colin Kaepernick because that is how he wants his son to look and he wants to be able to speak on Black issues and use an emotional argument that his son is like Colin Kaepernick. Shannon Sharpe not only is a sellout to his race he is also a sellout to Colin Kaepernick. If you truly believed in Kaepernick because I know Michael Vick and Ray Lewis don’t believe his act, they are from the inner city and Sharpe is a country bumpkin from the rural south, he would put his own legacy on the line with the Broncos and demand they give Kaepernick start. But Sharpe like so many fraudulent and fake people aren’t.


Micah Johnson and Gavin Long gave up their lives but Shannon Sharpe is not even willing to hurt a few feelings of his White “friends” for a “cause” he allegedly believes in. I find it interesting that everyone is calling Vick and Lewis names while praising Sharpe who has yet to call out the Broncos whom he personally knows the GM and the Bowlen family because he won them two super bowls. Things that make you go ummmm!