Recently, I heard a YouTube Video claiming that many people see Malcolm X as an African or idolize Malcolm X because they were given A’s in schools for saying he was an African-American. I think in all my years in school the most I ever heard about Malcolm X in a textbook was a photo of him shaking hands with Martin Luther King Jr. after the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 but for the most part, he was not taught about in the school system.

Malcolm X became popular with African-American youth in the 1990s largely because of Hip-Hop culture. It was KRS-ONE, Public Enemy and Tupac Shakur who made Malcolm X a hero. Most Black children have a negative view of Malcolm X because he is seen as a hateful murderer who hated White people.

I remember when the Malcolm X Movie came out it was tons of people in the hood selling Malcolm X hats, medallions, t-shirts and jackets. I remember going to school with my Malcolm X hat and chain on and meeting up with my other friends who had jackets and other African themed styles and I remember as we walked through the school our White teachers looking at us in a nasty manner.

I remember my homeroom teacher going on a rant of how offended she was we would wear that and how Malcolm X was filled with hate and that many White people fought for “Civil Rights”. I won’t front I fell for her spill and never wore any Malcolm X clothing or necklace to school out of respect for a woman who didn’t even like me. And most Black people I knew saw Malcolm X as a bad person in the United States of America, not because of his skin complexion but for the truth, he told about Whites.


I remember after the Malcolm X movies many White adults would wear you wear your X and I’ll wear mine shirts became popular. This shirt was a response to the Malcolm X jackets that many African-Americans wore in the late 90s and had a rebirth recently.


I became a Tupac fan as a child because of his racially charge lyrics because of the intense racism I experienced and lived through from White police officers and White teachers where I lived at. Tupac would rap about many revolutionary minded Blacks and even had Khalid Muhammad on some of the songs and I believe Farrakhan on a few. These songs were like therapy for me after school, I would sit in my room and listen to Tupac just spit the most venomous things about White people and it made me feel good.

One of the best lines Tupac ever spit was about Malcolm X and the Pope. One of my favorite Tupac songs of all time is the song Blaspmehy from his last album. The reason I love this song is that as a child I grew tired of Christianity and felt it was the worship of White people, which I know it is. One of the worse things that ever happened to Africa and Nigeria, in particular, is Catholicism. It’s a religion built on White idols. When I heard the following lyrics it truly opened my mind up to how we as Black people have been misled:

Blasphemy - Tupac Shakur - VAGALUME.clipular

I remember when I heard these lyrics I had to play them over and over again and again, I could not believe the boldness and fearlessness of Tupac Shakur to basically say he doesn’t give a damn if the Pope died. This lyric is why the Jewish rapper Drake said he didn’t cry when Tupac died but he will die when Jay Z dies on the song Fear. When I heard these lyrics I immediately knew why Drake said them because he has flipped several lyrics directed at White people by revolutionary minded rappers.

Drake – Fear Lyrics - Genius Lyrics.clipular

Drake was dissing Tupac on this song because of what he said about a White spiritual leader. It was amazing to me that he had the boldness to disrespect a Hip-Hop icon but I understood what Drake meant. Tupac is seen as a negative hate filled rapper because he wanted reparations and for Black people to have their own nation. In many of his songs before he died he rapped about it even though he had many contradictions in his life but he was only 25 years old.

Jay-Z is a rapper who said Hip-Hop has brought the races together when it hasn’t. White people are in power and they rule and lord over Blacks and deliberately undermine Black communities for the benefit of White ones and then you have the gentrification issue which Jay-Z has helped Whites gentrify Black communities in Brooklyn.

In fact, I remember a few years ago when I was in college reading about a Latina school teacher in South Central getting fired for teaching about Malcolm X.

Children Barred From Writing About Malcolm X in NYC School - NBC New York.clipular.png

School rallies round dismissed teacher - latimes.clipular.png

Malcolm X is not taught in school. I begin to learn about Malcolm X in college because I purchased his book’s after getting an assignment on Anne Frank in my English Literature Class at University. For some reason it upset me, I was like I am so tired of learning about Anne Frank. Once I picked up the book it opened my mind up and I knew I would never take White people seriously again. After reading the book, I found out that Malcolm X, never killed anyone and that his African father was actually killed by White Klan members in Michigan. I also learned that 3 of his 4 uncles died at the hands of White men and his family was often uprooted because his father was always trying to start a business which got many Black men lynched.

Malcolm X analysis of White America is something that truly sparked my brain while I was in college. It truly articulated many of the racist things I had experienced living in Europe and the United States (New Europe). What sparked me to read to as a teenager in college go on a reading spree of anything Afrocentric I could get my hands on? It was a T-Shirt worn by some Europeans in my Accounting class at University.


I remember driving to class one day and outside of the PIKE House at this University I saw these White students with a 100 Foot Confederate Flag and dressed up as Confederates. I was not at all upset with them, I was upset with myself, I said to myself you are an “uncle Tom”. I remember then going to my accounting class and I sat in the back and for some reason, I begin to read the t-shirts of the European Greeks in my class. I remember one shirt which had all these Confederate people one had Nathaniel Bedford Forrest who was one of the founders of the KKK and some other devils. Once, again, I was not upset at these White kids, I actually respected them for it.

I said these Europeans love their ancestors, their ancestors slaughtered Native Americans and enslaved Africans and colonized Africa so they could dominate the future generations of Africans. I remember looking at the Southern Heritage Shirts and I noticed the Whites did not have any shirts with African slaves on it or the Native Americans whom land they inherited after Racial War Fare.

This was the day I read Malcolm X. It was actually the PIKE House and a some Frat Boy T-Shirts that sparked my interest into Malcolm X. I also begin to study people whom I was taught were Black leaders. I remember googling Jullian Bond. This is a guy who constantly railed about the Confederate Flag but at this point, I really had no problem with the Flag nor do I now. I look at him and I said this guy doesn’t even look African, then I noticed his wife was a fat Jew.

I noticed African-American Greeks did not honor their African ancestors, on campus many of them had nasty attitudes once they found out a Black person was a Nigerian-American, Kenyan-American or from Ghana. They would make comments about “having a good name”.  My group of friends we were all from Jamaica, Nigerian, Kenya or African-American we saw each other as one and got along fine.

I begin to question why African-Americans in the same breath turn their back on Africa, their African slave ancestors but whine and cry about Whites who are going to honor and praise their Confederate Ancestors no matter what negroes do. How could a Black person forget about Slavery?  The African Slaves did nothing wrong, they were the Victims, so you are going to victimize them twice by forgetting them and for what? So you can praise and honor American Flag wearing Thomas Jefferson (slave owners), George Washington (slave owner) and other demonic devils who enslaved and abused African people under the American flag.

I was 18 years when I came to this analysis. In recent years with the election of Obama, and now with Ladanion Tomilson, I have noticed more and more Blacks who rail against the evil Nazis and Hitlers but praise White men who enslaved Africans and brutalized Africans. And Obama started this rewriting of history were Black Africans and White Europeans we were “family”. You have Black Africans in the COngo who think King Leopold was their “uncle”. This is the insanity that is prevalent in the African world.

I am human, I was manipulated to dislike Malcolm X at a very young age, I disliked him because of the words of my enemy the European. I did not even hear out his side of the story. The hypocrisy of myself was my number one problem as a child was White people demonized me and often times after I had been severely punished people would hear my side of the story and say damn these White people fucked you over, they lied to you, or the famous “my bad brother”.

You see this happens even internationally. We see it with Saddam vs the USA, Gaddafi vs. the USA and Kim Jung Un vs the USA. White people wake up every day to create conflicts with people based upon lies, they give their racist and bias opinions and turn people against other peoples on the basis of lies. Just like how so many Blacks came out to bash Trayvon Martin, they paraded some Negro lawyer who called Zimmerman, “George”. The media put Trayvon Martin on Trail and convicted him for being murdered.

Africans respect Malcolm X because of his words, not some Europeans teaching them or giving them an A to respect Malcolm X. People with these convoluted theories as to why African people like Malcolm X aren’t even truthful. I do notice many conservative Blacks, and by conservative, I mean these Right-Wing Evangelical Blacks do not like Malcolm X because of his critique of America.  You see any HONEST person who reads Malcolm X critiques and studies what he said about Europeans will know he’s telling the truth, many of his solutions were short sided but admirable.

The United Nations is owned by the United States of America. Russia, China, and Japan care about their own interest and when it comes to Blacks they may assist you with weapons but they aren’t going to fight the USA for you, we will have to fight that battle on our own.

There are so many convoluted strange theories popping up about Black people in the USA I wonder where in the hell do some of these people live and if they have ever truly dealt with African people at all in the United States. Be careful my people we are living in some precarious times and you never truly know people.