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1:08:00 to 1:08:50 :

The moment you show weakness, the moment a weak leader comes up and they do come up in weakened civilizations, the moment an enemies comes and attacks you from the outside, that is the moment we are getting out, that is the moment we are going to betray you, that is the moment we are going to ally ourselves with somebody else we think are going to overthrow you and make a deal with them that is the nature of human reality. – Dr. Amos N. Wilson


Highlights of this silly article:

Amos Magazine is not an Amos Wilson protege, don’t be fooled by his name. Let the Russians and the Western Europeans slug it out. We do not need to imitate the Alt Right movement and leach onto Russia as if they some are godsend saviours. He has done this in the past with the white Arab and is now sucking up to the Russians, a group Amos Wilson saw members of the white race.

( The Silly DUMB ASS is actually agreeing with what I said LOL )

This is the articles that upset this clown: 



He got violently upset because I said I want to encourage Arabs to attack the West. He then begins to tell me that was illegal which is it not. You see this clown lives in Great Britain. I am not pro-Arab or pro-Russian but if I see them fighting the West and I can egg it on, I will. He said that Amos N. Wilson did not believe in Africans sitting back and inflaming a conflict between Arabs/Russia and the West and see could we not use to destabilize our enemies.


I wrote an article that what the West ie the USA/Great Britain did in Iraq can be used to justify attacks on them.

Responses to his rants:

I Noticed He/She Has A Hatred For Arabs. I Should Have Known, Why Would An African Care About Muslims Invading European Countries? This Blew My Mind SMH!! I Read His/Her Blog And thought He/she Was An African. “White Europeans” He/she Is An IMA Or A Non-African.

then the brother Kushite Prince said the exact same thing I said:

I agree that Russia has a right to defined themselves. I agree with that stance. As any nation has that right. That’s not the same thing as being pro-Russian or pro-white. When I first came out Amos blog we had our disagreements. So to say he and I have never disagreed would be untrue. But I do see the point you’re trying to make. I can respect that.

I then responded:

1. I am not a Afrocentric or Afrocentrist I have no idea what an Afro is. I am African-Centered
2. I was never kicked out the ACBN Facebook Group, I left it and took myself out of that group because of this Out of African Non-Sense which I will never agree with and his constant disrespect to Steve Cokely.
3. I will never again have anything to do with ACBN or the BZ, he invited me to that group and acted like a bitch trying to claim Europeans come from Africans which they do not based on some Eurocentric Theory that Monkeys left Africans and evolved into White men…THEORY.

I side with anyone against the AngloWest. I am anti-Anglo and I will team up with any group hostile towards them. I have stated before I want to see Great Britain nuked and wiped off the face of the planet. The British are the Enemy of my race and seeing Arabs do terrorist attacks against Great Britain brings me joy and I hope to one day see Russia nuke it off the planet.

2. No group of Africans speak Russia, Russians do not believe in WESTERN DEMOCRACY, Russians believe Africans and Africans alone should solve their problems….they have sided in the UN Council against the US/UK. Whatever Russia does within Eurasian Land Space is their right to consolidate power as to defend itself from the Western European powers that seek to bring Russia into the Western European fold which RUSSIANS want no part of. Russians see themselves as a distinct people separate from Western Europe. Now you are talking about Siberia which is Russian Land…You are dumber than I thought you were. ACBN has some nice ideas and without me it would be no ACBN Journal….

3.The only reason I responded to this stupid shit is because when I did a google search i seen this fuckery tied to my Journal….Get off my dick you faggot. I don’t give a fuck about you.