The English were once slaves under Roman Occupation and Domination. Even though the British went through a far less harsh form of slavery than they inflicted upon Africans they never the less did not see fit to maintain the name of their former oppressors or rulers.

The term African is a holy and sacred term. To mix this term with a European nation state is to maintain European hegemony. There is no such thing as an African-American, African-Canadian, or African-British. America and Canadian are simply self-ruling former British Colonies. Those of us Africans who are seeking that the future generations to be free must understand this.

The Britsh don’t call themselves British-Romans because they were slaves to the Romans, the South Korean people don’t call themselves Korean-Japanese nor do the Chinese who were once under Japanese Colonialism see themselves as Chinese-Japanese. The Japanese who have been under a White mans Constitution for decades are now calling to be liberated from an alien Constitution.

African people, our identity, and loyalty must be to our race regardless of where we live, Africans who want to be apart of White nations have a right to join those Whites and beg them for racial equality but they must not use the African masses for this project. The biggest problem in the African world today is that Africans are being held hostage by people who look like us but self the interest of our Eurasian enemies.

There is talk about all colors coming together if North Korea invades the US Mainland. I think this is utter nonsense. There is no sacred ground for conquered people outside of their land of origin. The USA vs North Korea fight is not a Black issue, let the Whites fight their own battles and if the USA losses than the African race should negotiate with the winner. Africans should never give their life or limb for foreign nations or people this is why we have been the laughing stock of the world the last 2000 years.

We are not African-Americans, Black-Americans, we are Africans and that is all we will ever be. Anyone who is trying to create these new races like Biracial-Africans or African-Swede(LOL) are out of their minds. Show me where in Africa does an African-Swede originate and I will give you  $10,000. Swede is a Slave identity.