I urge all sober minded Black men and women who are currently subjects of the United States of America not to get involved with any rallies involving Confederate Monuments. The Confederate is no more and probably less racist than the United States of America. We must not forget that no group of Europeans are innocent in the United States of America.

The White American Community and their different factions: Unions, Confederates, Zionist, Jews, Anglo-Saxon, Irish, LGBTQ all participated in the enslavement and racial apartheid of Africans in the United States. The Union Generals also committed acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing against Native Americans.

There is no such thing as good White people in the United States of America they are all European colonialist looking to use African bodies for their political agendas. To my African brothers and my African-Americans friends please allow these White Nationalist from the ALT Right to fight for their European Ancestors memories as we will fight for ours. We must not allow these LGBTQ/Zionist groups to use us as cannon fodder because remember no groups of White belong here and it is not up to us as African people to glorify one group of Devils(Union Troops) over another group of Devils (Confederates).

Ulysses S. Grant one of the most famous Union Generals was a slave owner. African people stop looking like fools and buffoons for the Europeans of the Atlantic. Worry about developing businesses, reconnecting with an African country in case of a Nuclear War, rebuilding African languages and culture.