White Americans have already run President Yayah Jammeh out of The Gambia with the help of Black imbeciles. A group of White people are now targeting President Mugabe because he is fighting the degenerate attack on his people.

As a child who was terrorized by White women who deliberately and intentionally lied to my parents and tried to put me on psychotropic drugs because I did not have a subservient personality, I know first hand the racist and sinister ways of the White woman.

The White woman is the mother of racism, they created the word Nigger, they have deemed Black men super predators and have led to the destruction of cities all across the United States of America based upon false race allegations.

I am urging The Zimbabwean Government to send a message to White people who seek to undermine Black male authority and give this woman 20 years to life in prison. White Liberals have gone too far and it is time we Black men fight back.