There are many Negroes who will talk about racism ad nauseam and will claim not “ALL” White people are bad. They will proclaim that Tim Wise and John Brown were “good” White people.

My position on Good White peoples goes back to the Spartans during the time when the Macedonians were conquering Greek Nations, the Macedonian leader Phillip asked the Spartans how should he come to Sparta “friend or foe” the Spartans a people of few words replied “neither”.

My position on the White race is neither, I seek not to be the friend of the White people nor the foe but I do understand the White races seeks to control the African race and are our eternal enemies.  But, the AAPF, Authentic African Peoples Front are here to let Negroes and lukewarm Africans know our position on the White race is Neither. We seek to be a 100% independent people and we don’t believe in assimilation or post-racialism.