Do Negroes remember the Chik-Fil-A vs the LGBTQ Debate? I am sure they don’t because with the number of African-American Franchise Owners and Employees with Management jobs its hard as hell to accuse the Southern Baptist Chik-Fil-A of Racism and I know the Gays/Lefts wanted to use the they don’t hire Black people or its not Black-owned Franchises cards. But I remember in Florida, White people came out by the Thousands to support the attack on Chik-Fil-A because the owner says Homosexuality is a Sin. And  most of the cars wrapped around Chik-Fil-A and people were middle-class Whites. The Debate had nothing to do with race.




To African-Americans Voters in Alabama many of you maybe degenerate but look at this sign:



Chic-Fil-A  donated millions to people lobbying against this group Equality Voters Sign - Google Search.clipular. Wake up!