RevGeraldPalmerMSW on Twitter_ _His fraudulent behavior put him in the situation that he is in. Wait to fraud charges come for t.png

RevGeraldPalmerMSW on Twitter_ _His fraudulent behavior put him in the situation that he is in. Wait to fraud charges come f (1)

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I sent out a tweet a few weeks ago and this GOVERNMENT AGENT (SOCIAL WORKER) gave me this snarky reply. Then I sent out some bait and this moron BIT.


This man is no different than Africans who would get educated and then intellectualized the enslavement of Africans.

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For 301 and one years, their has been a continuous attack upon Africans by Europeans through African/Black PROXY! Proxies are people of African ancestry paid and educated by Whites to attack their own people.


The fact that this NEGRO is a social worker and an LGBTQ “ALLY” (HE PROBABLY USE TO HAVE GAY SEX IN COLLEGE BUT IS NOT  A “CHRISTIAN” MINISTER) shows you how evil he is and I he could be a willing accessory to the sexual abuse of Black children. (ALLEGEDLY).

*** This is a 100% True Story I am Telling You. May my African ancestors reject me in the afterlife if I am lying.

When I was 18 years old, I met a friend of my family who was a foster care mother. She wanted me to speak to her foster sons because I was a football player and college student. She thought it would help them. I said sure. I went to her home and I she showed me around and showed me their room.

She begins to give me some background information about the kids. She told me something I could not believe. She had 3 brothers. The ages were 12, 9 and the youngest boy was 5.  She told me since she took them in, she could not sleep at night because if she is not on watch the 12-year-old boy would sexually abuse his two younger brothers.

I think she saw the look on my face, she said wait, before you judge the young boy, you must understand that he was molested in foster care as a child. She said that when young children are molested they will molester their other family members and another child around them.

I asked her what age was he molested? She told me she really didn’t know but he was very young. I then retorted he was molested before he even reached puberty? She said yes.

When this demon told me “Can you catch Homosexuality like a Cold”, I thank GOD I was online and not in front of him because he would have laid hands on him. These Homosexual Black males who linked to the U.S. Government and leftwing movements are making a mockery of the sodomy/pederasty abuse of children. This guy is a social worker so I know for fact he KNOWS that children who are molested will act out that behavior on other children and NOT FOR PLEASURE. A young boy who had not yet reached puberty has to be taught by an adult to seek to sodomize a child as young as 5.

All of these Pro-Sodomites all have these poverty disgusting responses taught to them by White Sodomites.

“CAN YOU CATCH IT LIKE A COLD” and this devil is a social worker.

Dr. Umar Johnson is being attacked by Black homosexuals who are being paid by the U.S. State Department (ALLEGEDLY).

There are many Black Ministers and Preachers who were FLAMING homosexuals in college. I went to University in the South. I go on facebook and see this sister I went to school with and she is married to a guy who was a OPEN SODOMITE in college and I am like this mofo is a MINISTER!

Man, these sodomites are pretending to be heterosexual to get power in churches and society so they can abuse and harm other children. There language is sick and sadistic and they are gunning for anyone who they believe could protect children or speak against their depraved behaviors.