I have to salute, Michael B. Jordan. This Negro deserves an MTV Award, Oscar, Bet Award for best actor. This brother played his role so well most African people AROUND THE WORLD identify with Erik Killmonger and I call tell you that was not what the C.I.A., F.B.I, Negroes and White Liberals wanted.

There have been several attacks on Erik Killmonger by The Root, Negro vloggers and others who don’t want Africans to seek revenge, retribution and revolution away from White Hegemony. Don’t get me wrong the Whites have their fangs deep inside of Africa and African people. People can’t believe that African people are quoting Killmonger and are see him as the true Hero.

The Black Panther has been propaganda gone wrong for years now. I did not even see this much support from KOBA from Planet of the Apes. The Negropeans and White Liberals are shocked and amazed by the Killmonger Phenomenon.

Remember, when Mulatto Barack Obama bragged and celebrated about the Death of Osama Bin Laden? Remember how hypocritical Africans celebrated that mans death because they saw Obama was proving to Whites we are loyal to Whites? Remember, how Hillary Clinton smiled and said we got em when bragging about the vicious murder of Muammar Gadaffi? If, Obama was right for killing Bin Laden, If, Hillary was right for killing Gadaffi then Erik Killmonger was right. You see the NEGRO only wants to protect White people and their EMPIRE. They don’t have any hate or animosity towards the enemies of Africa! LOL

REST IN POWER ERIK KILLMONGER hopefully you inspire a generation of African children to seek to OVERTHROW WHITE HEGEMONY!

LOL, I saw one fake NEGRO post how Black Panther was good because it portrayed BLACK WOMEN in a good light. That movie disrespected Black women on so many levels I could explain but I don’t feel like it now!