Black Liberation Love of N Unity

Black people are being covertly conditioned to hate themselves. It is a divide and conquer tactic used for maintaining white dominance.

Many Black people today share the belief that it is now themselves that are collectively their own worst enemy. These same groups of blacks also often share the belief that despite a brutal history to the contrary that it is now whites that are more humane and trust worthy.
These self contemptuous/white adoring perceptions currently held by so many Black people are not some strange coincident, void of a rational explanation. They are the result of a deliberately deplored massive manipulative perception management system used for maintaining the current white statuesque. It has remained the white ruling elite’s best kept secret – that is until now.
Within the U.S. Government’s doctrine of Psychological Warfare (as taught by the CIA, FBI and DOD) it states that in order to defeat…

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