I was listening to a brother I follow on YouTube, someone asked what race he was, he was born in the USA, he said I am African. This is a the regular around the way Black man. Then in the comment section were people calling him ADOS and a Foundational American.

Foundational American? An American is a European who lives in and controls North America not a Black person. It is amazing you have people so sincerely ignorant or just lacking so much in culture that they want to claim a European identity and nationality. Don’t get me wrong if you work in the United States the Europeans are going to tax you, yeah you are American in the sense you gonna pay taxes and if join their military they gonna use your body as cannon fodder but make no mistake about it Black people aren’t Americans, British, Canadian or Israelites even though many believe they are and want to be.

The defeated and loser African mentality is a pathetic one, I understand multi-racials like Yvette Carnell running behind White people but for a Black male to want be equal to a European or to believe he is in some confederation with White men’s when in reality they are nothing more than subjects. The United States of America is a Western European country and all non-Europeans in the United States are either agents, foreign nationals or servants.

In 2019 and beyond Slavery is a choice if you want to be a slave to European that is your choice but what is pathetic is these losers want to drag other Black people down to their level.