On Feb 26th, 2012:  Trayvon Martin was stalked and murdered by a private citizen of the USA. There is actual audio evidence that George Zimmerman left his car and stalked Trayvon Martin in his fathers community and murdered him. George Zimmerman if he were a Black male and Trayvon Martin were a White child, he would have been convicted of 1st Degree Murder.

The aftermath of the Murder of Trayvon Martin exposed the anti-African and racist United States society. Europeans who call themselves Americans took to twitter and social media to defend Zimmerman and attack the character of Trayvon. White citizens posted lies about Trayvon Martins height, weight and claimed he was a menacing character. Once the murder scene was shown, it showed Trayvon Martin was a 5’10” 160 Black child who had a preppy style of dressing.

The State of Florida and the American Media called a Negro female lawyer to humanize this murder. She went on CNN and said she would not defend “George” if he was a racist.



Bill Cosby went on to say you can’t prove Zimmerman was a racist and you had one low life negro after each other saying this should be a lesson to young Black men on how to behave as if George Zimmerman is someone Black men should respect this guy is not even a police officer he was simply a racist private citizen.

The NFL and America’s arrogant racist nature showed again, when Mason Rudolph started and instigated a fight with a African male much bigger and more powerful than him. Mason Rudolph, grabbed Myles Garrett around his neck (attempted murder) then begin to grab his helmet and kick him on this on television. Myles Garrett did what any man would do and ripped his helmet off. Two of Mason Rudolph teammates tried to defuse the situation by pulling Myles Garrett to the side. Mason Rudolph than begin to get up and charge and attempted to swing a punch at Myles Garrett but before he could get a punch off, Garrett struck the violent and dangerous Rudolph on top the head in order to STAND HIS GROUND against a violent attack.

After he bopped the European Rudolph upon his head, multi-racial Maurice Pouncey begin to attack Garrett who was defenseless because he was being held by a lineman with the named DE Castro on has back, as DE Castro is trying to protect Garrett from Pouncey’s attack, he kicks him  in the head while he is one the ground.

Then you saw Steve Smith a NFL players married to a White woman, claim that Myles Garrett and Garrett alone should be kicked out the NFL. And no matter what Rudolph did Garrett shouldn’t have reacted that way. The problem with this is he did not mention Maurice Pouncey who kicked Garrett in his head while he was on the group and the fact that Steve Smith routinely during his career grabbed Black mans helmets and sucker punched him. Steve Smith has the typical pro-White and anti-Black mentality of many non-Whites in the USA.

Deion Sanders, a NFL Hall of Famer, was quick to say that Mason Rudolph should be fined for instigating a fight and grabbing a mans helmets.

Europeans who call themselves Americans begin to bash and attack Garrett, the same people who defended George Zimmerman, the same people who came with the Stand Your Ground Laws. When all Garrett did was attack him.

The NFL used two lowlife cowardly Black males to not only reject Garretts appeals when it is video evidence of him defending himself, but they actually reduced the suspension of a man who kicked a man who defended himself on the ground in the head.

White people and the Blacks who defend them for possibility to have a White lover or financial rewards from White people are scumbags. The NFL is no different than any other White controlled institution in any White nation. It has one rule for Whites and another for Blacks and there is always some Black demon to defend those actions because the Whites will reward them for it.