Dear, Emily Longworth, your Racism is Debunked: Destroying White Narratives semi-Sophisticated White Racist Spew

This portly obese European settler in North America is upset because Black people aren’t chasing behind her. She has a horrible Cheeto cheese tan, a tacky White girl tramp tattoo on her arm and seems to be a football fan which tells you all you need to know about this cornball bitter racist Emily Longworth whom like most IMA(Inbred Mutant Albino) become furious when they are rejected by Black people whom they don’t really like but just want to feel superior to. I will break down the lies, racism and false narratives and expose the hypocrisy of this demonic Moron.

  1. She called a Black person a racist bigot because they told her the day she becomes Black is the day they will listen to her about the struggles African people face.

This upsets her because she is not able to promote the rationale that the real struggle is not race but about women’s rights issue. White women main objective is to control the narratives and direction of their enemies the Black race through lies and manipulate. She seeks to draw an emotional response to make Black people feel bad because she was shunned. Her hypocrisy is pathetic because it’s no way she would allow a Black man to tell a White woman how they should feel about being a Woman. In the minds of White women, no man has the right to tell a chubby White female anything.

The second false narrative is because she can’t manipulate this Black person whom she is seeking to dominate and control that person is a racist. Racism is Western European control over Government, Religion, Language, Currency, Economics and Life-sustaining institutions. Emily Longworth can’t  speak an African language, is not force to adopt an African name for employment, is not living under a constitution or set of laws created by Black men who enslaved White people. She is not forced to go to an African-centered education system that devalues her and if she does not become subservient to Black people she is punished. This White woman has never experienced racism in her life and doesn’t know the first thing about experience real racism.

2. She claims that self-segregation is taking place

I find this to be very odd, because White people don’t like large numbers of Black people,they then to call the police when large numbers of Blacks are around them and a number growing of Black people are really tired of experiencing racism and beating treated like shit and having to kiss White people’s ass for employment so are going their own way. I think she might be offended by Black people seeking love and validation from each other rather than Whites where can she sit back on her soap box and pick and choose which negroes she wants to control. Black people are segregated because once legal segregation ended White people left the cities and created the suburbs to run away from Blacks and thus, the White Americans deliberately crashed the economies of the inner cities which Blacks were going  to find jobs and opportunity and once Whites realized they made a mistake they then relined and retaped the Black communities only allowing self-hating Blacks who identify with White ideologies to remain around.

3. She claims that racism and abuse are simple misunderstandings

White people have never misunderstood their racism they are well aware when they are abusing people because White culture dictates that in life you have winners and losers and Black people are the permanent losers in White controlled societies based upon their physical characteristics and Whites because they are such good people will allow only the select few of Blacks enjoy the fruits on White society on a person to person behavior.

4. She talks about the progression of a unified country?

The fundamental basis of racism is the existence of a White controlled Government in the beginning. And lets face it White America is no longer the global power they once were and a declining America might open up opportunities for Black people else where. If the USA is going to crash which I expect it will, Black people should let Whites suffer the consequences of their poor management. We as Black people never wanted to be unified with another race of people who have said we will not give you reparations, we will not respect your feelings its either you do what we say and take the crumbs we give you or starve in the ghetto. In preaching for unity she is in fact promoting racism because in Unity it will have to be standards, culture, and values and she wants every race of people to ignore their history, past and who they are to unify around a White ideology and White interest. This is progress by Whites because in the first stages of racism they didn’t even want Black traitors anywhere around and it was the African people in the USA who begin to look toward their homeland of Africa which made White people become more accepting because Whites do not want African people to use the riches of Africa to make themselves powerful independent of Whites and out of White influence.

4. She trivializes 255 years of slavery and jim crow by claiming all ethnicities face “difficulties then she HYPOCRITICALs brings up a bunch of multi-racial people and African people who got good jobs from White people serving White interest. One of the fundamental tools of racism is to recruit among the groups you see to destroy people who will advocate for the enemy.

She brings up a job Colin Powell and Condi Rice who are no longer in politics to know knowledge as some kind of way to I believe make fun of Blacks who Whites discriminate against. This is racist to bring up individual success because she would never tell North-American White males that they shouldn’t have fought the Revolutionary war. George Washington was a wealthy land owner and very successful as a subject of Great Brittian, Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner and millionaire whom also advocated that they were being oppressed by their mother nation. Racist, like Emily Longworth  if ask if George Washington and Thomas Jefferson the founding fathers were oppressed by the British would talk around the question and not answer it also the racist if asked would you have sided with the British or the 13 colonies would proclaim the 13 colonies but when you replace the 13 colonies with Black men and the British Royal Crown with White American she will then change her position out of race loyalty to White American males.

5. She talks about stolen native American land being her country

This is not her country, it is under White hegemony but that could change. The true test of the White American woman is to see where she would stand if the White American male is dethroned by White Russians, Black Africans or Chinese/Japan would she tell her sons, brothers and husbands that its racist for them to want the White man to be in charge of his life and that he should simple go get an education and overcome the rule and domination of an alien. Emily will never address these things because she is a White racist who is spewing tired White rhetoric that can be debunked easily with critical thinking.

The White race is not suppose to be unified with the Black race, that is not to say we can’t get along and respect each others rule and authority,  I know Black men can, the real question is can White people live in a multi-polar world or do they want to be exterminated because they can’t live in a world in which they dominate and control dimwitted people?


This current generation of White people are constantly bitching about being in power and upset because people want to challenge their power and authority if you no longer want to fight for the things your race have stolen then move back to Europe and stop complaining.

Russell Winston’s ex-wife regrets slaves being left free after missing out on Wilson’s Multi-Million Dollar Contract

Russell Wilson's Ex-Wife Ashton Co-Signs Racist Instagram Post (PIC) - Total Pro Sports.clipular.png


Pale-skinned former wife of Multi-Racial football star Russell Wilson is bitter that her socially engineered multi-racial ex-husband used her to make himself appear safe enough to draft in the NFL and then got the type of Black woman that use to reject him in his youth. Many beta Black males were upset with Russell Wilson because he swallowed his pride and took on a Black woman who normally would think he was too lame to date. I admire him for doing it because I couldn’t do it but at the same time I don’t hate Ciara for picking a simp type guy who is safe. Most women in the USA regardless of race will fuck and give their bodies to any douche bag type man in their youth only to find a solid stable beta cuck provider as they get older. I personally dont  believe Russell Wilson is a beta cuck and find most thugs and corny wannabe bad White boys to be feminine  but Western women consider faggy men to be Alpha so I am just agreeing with their consensus.

All of the fake pale-skinned women who pursued me during high school after I had some stardom in football who came from a decent family are all married to nice beta provider lame White dudes. Ashton Meem is extremely bitter White female because any decent White male from her society is not going to want her because she banged Russell Wilson and her best friend snagged a multi-racial NFL player who is not as dull as Wilson so she played herself and I am glad to see the snow queen bitter and angry.

The NFL is probably the most racist sports league and the get to the NFL is largely based upon your personality and the degree to which you can assimilate and make White middle-class families feel comfortable. That is why many Black male athletes because docile Jesus freaks to get the announcer jobs and are forced to coon for the rest of their life to stay visible enough in White American to have access to European females (Lebron vs. Charles Barkley).


Eurocentric Theories and CGI Photos used to explain the origin of man by Pseudo-Scientist.

Debunked- BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT NATIVE AMERICANS - YouTube.clipular.png


The above photo uses a computer generated image of what Europeans claim were the original Africans. These photos show an Ape like creature which evolved into a  Black man with lanky hair. I guess if one has lanky hair he or she is now African since the original homo-sapien has lanky hair according to this photo or doe’s the author have some pseudo-explanation of why that would not be the case.

Where in African tradition or history did we the African race evolve from some great Ape from a European computer generated photo? How is this considered factual? With this being the belief deep in the sub-conscious of an alleged African person how could you trust a person that subconsciously sees the African-race as coming from  Monkey, in the 12 photos there are virtually no genetic difference between the ape and the homo-sapien.


The European mind has never stopped calling African people a less evolved species of ape rather they do it or consciously or sub-consciously. It is also rumored that 50 Cent was used as a the image for the Kong movie by vlogger Karceno4Life.


I have asked people for 100% fact that African people evolved from apes and have read countless numbers of papers there is no definitive proof that African’s started out as apes. Europeans contend their “African” ancestors were apes and they evolved into Europeans and that Blacks remained in African and became a higher developed Ape.  Humans and Apes are both considered primates by Europeans, yet a Human can’t produce with an Ape. The Europeans claim that Africans and Chimps share common ancestors from 8 million years ago.

I am going to show you some post I received from google about “evolution” a theory with HUGE holes and gaps in it.

humans are primates - Google Search.clipular.png

Who was the common ancestors 8 million years ago?

The problem with the theory:

The “slam dunk” proof for human evolution is, according to evolutionists, the claimed 98% similarity between human and chimp DNA and the evidence of chromosomal fusion. Textbooks tell us that this proves the common ancestry of humans and apes from ape-like beings that lived millions of years ago.

What makes this a myth, however, is that evolutionists forget to mention the problems with this claim. For one thing, the percentage of similarity may sound impressive (depending on which percentage you find), but this represents millions of letters of difference in the DNA. Factor in that many of the differences in the DNA are not represented in the “98% similarity” (such as deletions) and epigenetic differences and the chasm grows. Second, seeing the “history” of humans evolving from chimps in DNA and chromosomes requires a prior commitment to evolution. Evolutionists interpret the data to mean what they want it to mean in light of Darwin’s myth.

Though there are similarities between apes and humans, this too is strong evidence for a common Designer, who gave humanity characteristics unlike any other creature He made. But this doesn’t stop evolutionists, knowingly or not, from using flat-out propaganda as in myth #6.


The pervasive ape-to-human montage that shows an ape-like being on the left slowly becoming a human on the right is so much a part of culture that most anyone can recognize it. Natural history museums and TV shows give us supposed glimpses into the past and how human ancestors might have looked. Too bad it’s all a sham.

Fossil apes are difficult to come by, but several species have been found. However, a new ape fossil does not generate as much interest or prestige as one called a “human ancestor,” which is why there is so much focus on how ape fossils tie in to the evolution story. The desire to “fill in the gaps” leads to many false conclusions. For example, some of the supposed “bipedal” characteristics found in fossils are also found in living apes that are not bipedal.

In fact, imagination, wishful thinking, and presuppositions influence a great deal of the “reconstructions” we find in magazines, textbooks, and on TV. Enjoy the science, but don’t be taken in by the fiction.

I realize that many African people are intimidated by the speaking tone of Europeans. Europeans are able to convince African people, especially those who imitate European speaking patterns. Language is an extremely powerfully tool and Whites are masters at selling any kind of fuckery to African people. White Finance people who work at the IMF and World Bank have literally robbed several generations of Africans with high sounded rhetoric and words than Africans don’t understand and because African people are intellectually intimidated by European non-sense they go along as to not feel dumb. African people who promote evolution are as daft as brain dead Africans who promote Free-Market Economics when European nations do not even open their markets to African produced goods..LOL

humans share dna with bananas - Google Search.clipular.png

Do African’s share a common ancestor with bananas as well?